Digital Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, also termed the fourth industrial revolution, is here to change the traditional manufacturing landscape. It encompasses technological trends such as connectivity through the internet, intelligence based on data analytics, and flexible automation to drive this transformation.

Surtel can help you become a part of the revolution by transforming your manufacturing processes to deliver predictive quality by leveraging digital technologies such as:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big data & Analytics
  • Cloud computing

What to Expect?

  • Increase quality of manufacturing processes to:
    - Reduce cost driven by less wastage and lower rework efforts
    - Increase customer satisfaction
    Use Cloud-connected machines, Big data and analytics to understand the underlying cause of non-quality and drastically reduce the associated cost
    Replace manual data collection with automation to allow taking any corrective action on time, at the right moment
    Huge benefits across all value chains with quick paybacks

How to Proceed?

  • Collect and store raw data
    - Gather quality data from every product at different stages of the lines
    - Gather process data from all machines and sensors
    - Gather traceability data such as supplier lots, serial numbers used in finished products and who received those finished products
  • Generate insights by analyzing and correlating those data using specialized analytics tools
    - Visualize novel insights on simple dashboards
    - Come up with action plans
  • Act and adapt
    - Take concrete steps such as changing machine configurations, adapting line organizations, or replacing tools
    - Monitor and adapt the standards periodically to the best performing practices

Surtel Value Proposal

  • Surtel can help you to collect data online and perform real-time analysis which can lead to innovative solutions to reduce the scrap rate and improve quality
  • Surtel can accelerate your Digital Manufacturing journey from design and experimentation to business impacts